Get ready for people to start asking you: “What’s Your Secret?”

There’s something very different about you that goes way beyond your beaming smile, a glow, or a perfect hair day.  You are wearing clothes that you’ve dreamt of getting into, your energy seems unstoppable, and you look & feel fantastic!

…and people can’t stop noticing!  

When the weight starts coming off, people are going to be asking you: “How did you do it?!”  …and the answer ISN’T starving yourself!

It is totally do-able to eat really satisfying meals, feel good, and lose that weight for good.

There are 5 simple shifts that you can make to create a diet that works just for you.  I’ve found that once I figured out these simple tips I dropped those extra 30 lbs in just a couple months and kept it off!

Tip #1:  To satisfy your hunger and stay fuller longer, eat protein.  Not only does protein keep you satisfied, but studies show that protein is a great metabolism booster.  Protein takes more energy to digest than carbs and fat. Protein is also the building block of muscles.

Here are a few good examples of protein:
* Eggs, chicken, tuna, turkey,  beef, salmon, protein powder, almonds, hemp, hummus, quinoa, beans…just to name a few.

Tip #2:  Eat healthy fats.  Healthy fats are likely to keep you fuller longer and keep you satisfied.

Here are a few examples of  healthy, energy fats:
* Avocado, nuts, oily fish, and oils.

Tip #3: Eat the right carbs to add to your weight loss.  You may know that many carbs have refined starches and sugars which certainly don’t aid in weight loss.  There are many good carbs that you want to enjoy in your diet, and you guessed it–they come from veggies.

Here are a few examples:
* Leafy greens, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.

Tip #4:  Fill up on Fiber.  This one tip alone can really help with weight loss.  You can get more fiber simply by eating foods like vegetables, fruits and grains.  Fiber helps keep you fuller longer. Most of us are not getting adequate amounts of fiber daily.  Aim for at least 25 grams per day (I like to get 50 grams per day). Fiber is great for healthy digestion and elimination.

Here are a few of other ways to get in your fiber:
* Add psyllium husk to your smoothies
* Sprinkle Benefiber in your water
* Sprinkle Flaxseeds or chia seeds in your salad, veggies or soup

Tip #5: Plan, prep and be prepared.  Create an eating plan that works into your day.  
As you view your week and day ahead of time, plan options.  Prep a few fresh ideas and have them ready for the days ahead.  You can have healthy and quick foods in your refrigerator, bring simple meals to work with you, or review the restaurant menu before you go.  These easy ideas will have you prepared to make choices that will hit your weight loss goals.

Here are a few of my personal meal prep favorites:

* For breakfast I love to have a protein smoothie a few times a week.  Easy to make and even take on the go. Simply add protein powder, leafy greens (like spinach or kale), a few berries, and a healthy fat like avocado or hemp seeds.  A veggie and egg scramble is quick and easy. Aim to add in more veggies than eggs.

* At lunch I love to make a big chopped salad with numerous veggies with an olive oil and lemon dressing.  Try a brown rice bowl filled veggies and/or protein either at home or dining out.

* Feel the need to snack?  Not to worry, there’s satisfying options.  Berries and nuts, or hummus and veggies are two of my favorite combos.

Customize your meal plan to suit your taste & your lifestyle.  There’s so many great ways to make satisfying meals with these 5 simple tips.  

Have fun, make it your own…and get ready for people to start asking you: “What’s your secret?”