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“Show Up” 
Confident and Strong…

To be the best you can be, every day.

Introducing the Transformational Nutrition Mastermind™

6 women, 12 sessions, 3 months

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?
Get ready to elevate, balance and fuel your wellness through weekly small group sessions that provide a dynamic platform for learning, growth and camaraderie.

Progress not Perfection
We focus on strengthening the way you see, think about and talk to yourself.  And at each meeting we unlock food, fitness and self-care ideas that will set you up for success.

Maria Mizzi, mastermind leader, fitness/nutrition coach

Go way beyond diet and exercise to create your ideal lifestyle

The Transformational Nutrition Mastermind is a revolutionary program that will help you change the way you think and feel about everything.

Regular meetings of a small group provide a dynamic platform for learning, growth, and connection.

  • Food
  • Confidence
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Body Image
  • Success
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
Maria Mizzi Testimonial
Maria Mizzi transformational nutrition and fitness coach testimonial
Maria Mizzi Testimonial


“So it’s working… I’m losing 1lb to 1.5lbs a week and my energy level’s really high…”

You’re Ready to Transform.

Let’s Do this Together!

Focus 1

Simple Shifts for Big Results

5 Tools and techniques to create changes you’ll see and feel right away.

Discover how to gain energy and confidence while you lose fat, without deprivation, by making simple shifts in how you move and what you eat.

Focus 2

Prep for Success

3 New Simple Shifts that kick your transformation into “Go Mode”.

Discover how using the Three Steps to Prep Model™ take stress and poor food choices off the menu and sets you up with healthy habits.

Focus 3

Be Accountable to Yourself

Turn Simple Shifts into powerful habits that lead to lasting change.

Discover how to stay on track to fitness and confidence using familiar tools in a very new way. 

Focus 4

You are What You Think About

Drive forward with a clear vision and a positive frame of mind.

Discover how to immediately eliminate the negative self-talk that can sabotage your progress in many areas of your life.

Focus 5

Shift into High Gear

Turn your new habits into a lifestyle that you love.

Discover how easy it is to eat well and be physically fit regardless of the noise around you.

Focus 6

Show Up Strong!

Set Out on a Well-Lit Road to Being Fit for Life.

Discover how to “show up” strong and confident. Break through the mental and physical barriers that used to challenge you.

every month

Your Program Includes All of This

  • 12 90-minute Mastermind Sessions in my bright and comfortable Manhattan Beach, CA office with a lively, compassionate, engaged group of women
  • A BONUS 30-minute Private Coaching meeting with me to drive progress toward your goals
  • Daily email and text support and encouragement to keep you focused
  • Weekly handouts, digital downloads and exercises  – meal plans, recipes, workouts, tools and more – to keep you growing and learning

Getting fit and confident has never been so easy and stress free.

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4 Payments of $547