Reflections on a Journey

My Own “before” and “after”

Do you know someone who is frustrated by their inability to maintain the weight or body tone they want?

Do you know someone who’s self confidence has dropped because they are unhappy with their appearance or energy level?

Maria Mizzi "Before"Do you know someone who is stressed and feeling out of control?

I do.  I really do, because I was that “person you know” who was frustrated, had little confidence, and who was stressed out and tired.

This is me during that time.

I had no idea how to get control of my weight and tried numerous trendy diets. Nothing worked for me which made me more frustrated and unhappy.  I had gained 30 pounds and let me tell you, I was miserable.

Then I decided that enough was enough. I began to educate myself and dedicated countless hours to learning about fitness, nutrition, and general well being. I worked with experts and became one myself, both in fitness and nutrition.

ThMaria Mizzi "After"is is me now.

Not only am I sporting my favorite skinny jeans, but I’m feeling freaking amazing!

You probably don’t have the time or desire to go to school to get the training I did, and the good news is that you don’t have to in order to reach your fitness goals.

Introducing the Beach Physique Method

I’ve taken my years of education and experience working with busy professionals just like you, and jammed them into an on-line program called The Beach Physique Method:Summer Slimdown .  The program focuses on exercise, nutrition, and self care in a simple-to-follow, day by day format, and you do everything on your schedule at your location.

Why waste another day feeling bad that your clothes don’t fit or that you don’t have enough energy to play with your kids?  Take control of your life like I did and start the journey toward your own “after photo”  today.

Learn more about The Beach Physique Method and sign up here.
Group Programs run Quarterly.

Paul-John Muscatella, Multi Unit Owner @ the Personal Training Institute said this about me, 

“Maria is one of the most motivational personal trainers I ever had the pleasure of working with. There is no client that she can’t inspire to reach his or her goals!

Maria Mizzi
Certified Transformational Nutrition and Fitness Coach