It’s the time of year when it seems that there’s a luncheon, event, dinner, or party every single day!

I love the holidays but they can really do a number on the waistline just when we want to look our best, right?

So many of my friends and clients have asked me for advice on how to deal with “holiday stuffing” that I decided to put together 4 awesome videos with my best “Little Black Dress Secrets” for the season.

Video 1 gives you a quick and easy #LBD workout that will get your arms, abs, and booty toned in no time. It’s a 10 minute routine (well 7 minutes, actually) that you can do once, twice, or 3 times through to get the most out of it.

Watch now!

Click Here to watch Video 1 and you’ll be feeling tight and toned in your little black dress in no time.  Download the LBD Workout Routine Guide so you can get run through it anywhere with or without the video.

Looking for a comprehensive fitness program so you’re #LBD ready all year long? Take a look at the Beach Physique Method. Join our group start or go at your own pace, either way you’ll have all of the tools, coaching, and accountability you need to be fit for life.

Ready for more? Here’s Little Black Dress Secrets Video #2!