6 LBD Secrets PLUS a Holiday Gift You can Give Yourself!

As we get closer to the end of the biggest holiday celebrations of all, I hope that you’ve found my Little Black Dress Secrets to be helpful! I sure had fun putting them together for you.

As you recall, in Little Black Dress Video 1 I gave you a quick workout you can do before you put on your LBD so that you feel like a million bucks in it.

In Little Black Dress Video 2 I gave you some secrets for enjoying holiday parties without gaining weight or sacrificing the fun flavors of the season.

In Little Black Dress Video 3 you saw 10 tips for guilt free restaurant dining, These secrets will allow you to eat out without gaining weight so you enjoy the festivities yet end the year with a happy scale.

After all of this information, I hope you’ve gotten my message loud and clear: eat sensibly and get some exercise during the holidays so that you enjoy yourself without heading into the new year way overweight and out of shape. Enjoy now and make fitness your priority in January.

In my last video I bring everything together and go over 6 ways to enjoy the holidays without the pain of gain!

PLUS, I give you an easy to follow, step by step plan you can start on January 4 to slim down, tone up, look fabulous and feel sexy — get Little Black Dress ready — for the next big holiday, Valentines Day.

I hope you’ll take my tips and advice to heart, especially my tip about giving yourself a holiday gift this year that will make 2016 you healthiest and most fit year yet.

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