Look Maaaaavelous!

It is party time for sure! I went to two holiday gatherings this past weekend and this week I have several events too. My guess is that your schedule is as full as mine is.

While it’s fun to spend time with friends and co-workers, holiday partying can really take a toll on your waistline and energy levels!

And the crazy thing is, wearing our favorite party clothes and having energy to burn is exactly what makes party going so much fun!

So how do you go from brunch to happy hour to a dinner buffet without getting Santa’s physique and the Grinch’s attitude?

Watch Little Black Dress Secret #2. It’s got great advice for how to enjoy every party without needing an extension to your belt.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF with the tips from my video PLUS several more. Keep it handy and you can party any time of the year with confidence.

Leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts on enjoying holiday season! I’d love to hear your little black dress secret!