Maria & Husband Celebrate Aniversary on the BeachI really cherish every moment I get to spend walking the sandy shores of the beach with my husband Vance.  We have made it a habit to take a walk when ever we have some extra time together.  One of our favorite times is sunset.

We walk down our block enjoying the view of the sky and ocean waves in the distance.  Once we hit the sand, I can’t help but grab my trusty iPhone and begin snapping pictures from every angle.  This has been a ritual of ours for the past 4 years.  This gives us the opportunity to spend some quality time together plus we have the most amazing backdrop.

Some evenings we simply walk along the shore holding hands.  We love to try to take pictures of the two of us with the sunset behind us.  I often place them on my Beach Physique Fitness facebook page because every sunset is so uniquely different and inspiring, I just have to share that beauty.

I’m really looking forward to spring and summer when the sun sets a bit later.  This summer I plan to take a few picnic sunset dinners to the beach so we can sit, relax, feel the sand between my toes and watch the moving picture of of the ocean waves, the changing color of the sky as the sunsets.  That’s my bliss 🙂

How do you stay connected with the ones you love? Can you keep that connection while moving like we do?

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