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I have been journaling for years. My first coach gave me an assignment to write something every day and before I knew it I was hooked.  I got hooked because writing really served me. And I truly believe that it will serve you too!

I started out just as I advise you to in the video below – writing a food journal. At the time I was not feeling great about myself. I had gained weight and was feeling a bit lethargic; I was frustrated because I hadn’t found a way back to health yet.

Find out how journaling can help you eat better, feel better, and boost your confidence.  I bet you’ll be surprised at how easy yet powerful it can be.

5 Tips to get you going


journal-writing Don’t over-think things, just get something to write on and something to write with and go for it.

For a food journal have a small book that you can keep with you, or use your phone.  Make a note about your hunger, then jot down what you’re eating and how you’re feeling about it.  If after an hour or so you have different feelings, like you are yawning, or feel energized, or feel down or happy, write about it.

Be honest with yourself.

Nobody is going to read this masterpiece but you, so do yourself a favor and be real. When you open up about what you’re doing and feeling, it is incredibly powerful.

Be present when you write.

Don’t just do it to get it out of the way. Find a few quiet moments and write thoughtfully.  Even 5 minutes of intentional journaling can be a clarifying experience.

See the Simple Shifts.

After you have been journaling for a while, go back and read your earlier posts. See what lessons pop out of your writing. Find the connections between what you’ve eaten and how you felt… and then use that information as you go forward.

Grow with it.

Over time you may want to expand your journal topics. If and when that happens, go for it.  Journaling can help turn negative events or thoughts into positive plans for moving forward.  It also allows you to step back and view experiences in context so you see the bigger picture.

After you’ve had a chance to watch, leave me a comment below.

JournalHave you ever kept food journal?  If so, what did you learn from it?

What about another type of journal – a gratitude journal or goals journal? How did writing about these topics each day enrich your life?

And I’d love to hear about what you write in… the journal itself says so much.

Your comments always inspire me and may inspire someone else, so write away.

With love and gratitude,

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