Averything is possible

The school year has started and even if you don’t have kids at home you know that fall feels like we have a fresh start on things.  With this in mind, now is a great time to set goals you want achieve.

But don’t just think about things you might like to accomplish.  Write down three goals and be very specific about the outcome you’d like to achieve and the date you would like reach it.  Then get psyched and charge forward.

  • Writing your goals down makes them real.  Goal setting
    It sounds crazy but it’s true!  When you set goals, writing (or typing) them  forces you to clarify what you want.  When your goals are clear you are much more likely to take action.  Remember, a big goal is made up of many smaller goals, so jot down the small goals too.  This will help you take it step by step.
  • Setting a specific end date will give you motivation.
    This is especially true if one of your goals is to lose weight.  You’ll need a target to shoot for and a reason to stay on task.  Maybe you have a big celebration in your future (like a wedding or anniversary) or a school reunion or tropical vacation on the horizon…

    These are all excellent goal dates that are reasons for you to stay the course on your journey.  Even if you don’t have a big event planned in the next few month you can still set goals. I bet you want to fit back into those skinny jeans this fall or look fabulous at those holiday parties that are just around the bend.  Set a firm date and march toward it every day.

  • Visualizing and getting excited about your goals gives you energy to proceed.
    Take time to sit quietly and visualize yourself doing the work to get toward the goal.  Visualize how happy you feel about the incremental accomplishments you get by doing the work.  Then get excited and celebrate your achievements each day, each week, and each month.

When you work toward specific, measurable goals you begin to shift your thoughts.  As you accomplish each part of your goal you begin to feel empowered, and  feeling empowered helps you to keep going.  Success breeds success and you’ll love the feeling of making positive changes in your life as you hit your milestones.

So, what are your three goals for fall?  Share them with me below or on my Facebook page so that I can cheer you on as you march toward your end date.

I look forward to celebrating with you when you check each goal off as “complete”.

Maria Mizzi