Tip #1: Drink Plenty of Water!!!

Stay Hydrated throughout the day.  Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces for the day. Enjoy with some lemon, cucumbers, mint or berry to create your own spa water.

Tip #2: Eat more organic food.

Enjoy the delicious farm fresh organic fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains.

Tip #3: Exercise Daily!

Wake up 15 minutes earlier each day and consistently exercise.  Just move each day.  Do this daily and you will make positives changes in your life.

Tip #4: Play more games.

What games do you love?  Interact with those you love.  Play an active sport in the backyard or an afternoon board game at the table with family or friends.

Tip #5: Get enough sleep.

Your beauty rest in vital to your health.  Aim for 7-9 hours.

Tip #6: Live each day with Energy & Enthusiasm.

When you awake in the morning, be Thankful!

Tip #7: SMILE & laugh more! 🙂

Remember, no one is in charge of your happiness but You.