2 Keys to Making Good Things Happen

2 Keys to Making Good Things Happen

You know what to do, but maybe not how to do it

So how do you take what you already know about the 4 Secrets to Being Fit For Life and put that knowledge to work for you? As Richard Dreyfuss said in hilarious movie – What About Bob? , it’s all about baby steps. And you take these steps toward your goals on a foundation of accountability.

– Goals

Brian Tracy said “Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor,” and I truly believe it. Setting big goals that are made up of many, many baby-step goals is the way to make change happen. With purpose and direction you are capable of anything. I know this in my heart because I have seen it in my own wellness journey as well as through the journeys of my clients.

So set goals for nutrition, exercise, reflection, and sleep. Write them down and look at them every single day (this can be a goal in itself!). When you hold your goals in your heart and in your head, you can make them happen.

 – Accountability

And what keeps you on the path to reaching your goals? Yup, it’s accountability – making promises to yourself and keeping them. This can be the most challenging aspect of change, but like anything you do, with help and practice it gets easier over time.

How do you stay accountable to yourself? It often helps to bring someone you trust into the picture – a friend, a coach, your spouse. Share your goals with that person and keep them updated on your challenges, successes and milestones. You’ll find that their encouragement will fuel your energy and help you stay accountable to yourself.

Let’s do this together

Have you heard about The Beach Physique Method: Summer Slimdown?  It’s an interactive on-line program designed to help you take your overall fitness to the next level in just 6 weeks.

Whether your goal is to tone up, improve your nutrition, or to lose 20 pounds, you’ll have all of the tools you need PLUS the coaching, encouragement and accountability to get you there.

I designed the program for busy people who may know what to do, but need a partner to help them set goals and stay accountable to themselves.

Just by taking a look you are moving forward, so click through and see what it’s about.

The Beach Physique Method: Summer Slimdown begins July 18! Sign-ups start July 6.

What one small goal will help you get started on the path to reaching the big goals on your list?  Your health and well-being is the building block for everything!  I’d love to help you get going.

Here’s to being fit for life,



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